YouTuber Made Off-Road ‘Wheelchair’ For Girlfriend And It’s Now Being Mass-Produced

Youtuber JerryRigEverything went viral last year when he welded two electric wheelchairs together to make the ‘not a wheelchair’ wheelchair that is meant for off-road use. His girlfriend loved it and so were a lot of people who showed their interest in the chair. But they knew the electric off-road wheelchair could be improved!

Zack and Cambry now introduces ‘The Rig’.
The couple explained that they want to be able to mass produce these bikes in more affordable price and to be made available for more people. They work together with Utah Strikes to design and bring together a new design that will be sold for the public. The bikes are being sold at the price of $4,750.

Zack explains that because The Rig is made of bike parts, it’s super easy to find replacements when you need them repaired. That also means freedom of customization!

The bike runs at max 12 miles per hour and has the recommended weight of 225lbs that you can put at the back of the chair. It doesn’t do well on loose sand and loose snow, much like every other bike. Plus, you can ride this basically anywhere that the public is allowed to!

You can get in and out by yourself as there is a latch under the handle that allows it to retract fully down. You can move out and onto the bike easily!

Do you know the only problem that exists? It’s that Cambry gets the cool, first prototype of the bike and we’re just jealous. It does lack a few things, such as the space for baggage that exists in The Rig.

Watch how Zack surprised Cambry the first time!

~ In courtesy of Sammy Brown from our friends over at GreenLemon