Celebrating Our Third Anniversary

Today we celebrate our third anniversary!

As our mission is to “provide our customers with top-notch tools that help them solve problems during their day-to-day life in the most efficient and time-saving way possible," we’ve decided to celebrate our 3rd birthday with a 50% off sitewide sale for the coming month!

We hope that this way, we can welcome a lot of new people into our family!

For those who wonder where “ToolsByLuke” came from; we’ve finally written a little piece:

• From a young age, Luke has had a passion for repairing things in creative ways. He’d always make “home-made” tools to fix things. Then, when he was finally old enough to start pursuing a career, he chose to work in the auto mechanic field. At only 16 years old, he landed his first job at a large local garage in Amsterdam (the city in which Luke was born). Soon, his colleagues noticed that he had a different approach to repairing cars because he used his self-engineered tools in a more efficient way than they were previously done. At such a young age, he quickly became the go-to mechanic within the company for all the problems nobody could solve.

Then, ten years later, in 2017, a local businessman named “Dennis” came into the shop. He had a problem with his engine, which his dealer had told him was very rare and probably unfixable. The dealer suggested that he should get a new engine or just buy a new car. After hearing the story, the person at the garage’s front desk that day immediately knew that Luke would be able to fix it. The guy at the front desk told Dennis about Luke and explained that he would probably be able to fix it on the spot. Dennis couldn’t believe what he was hearing and asked if it was possible to stay with Luke to watch him work during the repair. Dennis was told that this wasn’t a problem but that he had to come back in a week because Luke’s schedule was full.

One week later, Dennis came back to the shop, and Luke started the work that day. Dennis was a naturally curious person that always wanted to learn. Therefore, he asked Luke many questions about what he was doing and why while he worked. His mind was blown when he saw the type of weird tools Luke used to clean certain parts of the engine. Luke told him that he had made them himself throughout the time that he’d been working at the company. Dennis then asked Luke if he had ever thought of starting his own company, and Luke replied that something like that had always been a dream of his, but that he simply wasn’t good with the business side of things. Meanwhile, Luke had cleaned a few of the engine parts, then took the OBD scanner and reset the computer of the engine. After that, the car didn’t show an error anymore. The problem was resolved!

Dennis was up and arms and so perplexed by Luke’s talent and ability to create tools that he offered to help him start his own business. That’s how ToolsByLuke began in 2017 as a side project for Luke.

Flash forward to 2020, we have a small but well organised international company with 14 staff members divided over two teams that operate from the Netherlands and China 24/7 to help our customers:

"It's our mission to provide our customers with top-notch tools that help them to solve problems during their day-to-day life in the most efficient and time-saving way possible!"